Monday, October 29, 2012

Unjunk Your Halloween

After my son developed severe food allergies, candy became food that was mostly eliminated in our household. The reason - The HFC (high fructose corn syrup). In the grocery store, HFC is in almost every candy bar, and to a kid with a corn allergy it means hours of stomach pains after taking a bite. When he is exposed to corn syrup, he does not have anaphylaxis like he does to other allergens but gets cranky, moody and is just not himself.

I learned that I can purchase candy for him that is HFC free at Whole Foods Market, but the cost is so high for just a piece of chocolate. About six months ago, I learned about a new candy called UNREAL. It is "unjunked" candy without HFC at a reasonable price.

UNREAL candy uses:

  • Real milk from grass fed cows. They understand that corn is genetically modified, so why would we want to put that into our children's bodies?
  • No artificial colors or flavors. Red #5 has been banned in so many countries...so why is it still being used here in the US food source?
  • Real can sugar. They believe that all sugar is not created equal, and they only want to use what is best for our kids.
  • NO HFC!! The best news for all children, and especially for kids with corn allergies.
  • No artificial preservatives are used. Their goal is not to have a 5+ shelf life of their products.
  • No hydrogenated fats or oils are used in making the candy
Flavor is not sacrificed when making UNREAL candies. They taste 110% better than traditional candies, and I can allow my children to eat them without concerns.

This year, I invited a group of kids to come over to my house to try the UNREAL candy. All of the children felt that the UNREAL candy tasted much better than the traditional store bought candy they normally eat.

Then we decided to help spread the word around our street. Our neighborhood has a tradition of "booing" each other. What that means is that one family leaves a halloween package on someone's door with a "you have been booed sign." They place that sign in their window, and then it is their turn to boo another neighbor. By the time Halloween comes, all of the families have gotten a special Halloween surprise from one another.

The kids made packages of UNREAL candy and went around the neighborhood "booing" families with unjunked candy. The felt that they wanted to help spread the word about healthier candy options this Halloween.

We know that our message had gotten across, because when we were "booed" we also got UNREAL candies!!

Try unjunking your neighborhood kids Halloween treat bags by giving out unjunked candy this year!

We were compensated to host a party for UNREAL candy. This did not influence my thoughts or opinions about the candy.


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