Monday, December 24, 2012

New Years Eve with Snoopy

Are you looking for family plans on New Years Eve? Look no more, Knott's Berry Farm has the answer! Ring in the New Year with Snoopy and the gang and enjoy music, magic, comedy and fireworks. DJ Resso will be featuring flashback music from the 70's with Kenny Metcalf and his show "Elton John-The early Years". Bring your dancing shoes because there will also be salsa dancing and line dancing lessons!

Kids can also enjoy the show "Snoopy on Ice" with a special performance from comedian Dana Daniels and his family friendly magic show. My son loves magic so we are looking forward to this.

In addition, Camp Snoopy will be showing "Happy New Year Charlie Brown" as well as "Snoopy's magical nights of lights" featuring thousands of beautiful lights and music.  At midnight the skies above Calico Square will become lit up as Knott's rings in the new year with a spectacular fireworks show.

Knott's is offering a special 1 night package at the Knott's Hotel which includes tickets to Knott's and a breakfast buffet starting as low as $199 for two people and $259 for two adults and two children. For more information you can call  1-866-752-2444 or visit www.knottshotel.com

If you love Knott's as much as we do you should consider getting an annual pass for $69.99. They can be paid off in 6 easy payments.

Our whole family will be there so join us in the fun!


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