Monday, December 17, 2012

Potty Training with Pull-Ups #HuggiesWalmart #CBias

Having a third child does not make potty training any easier. Although I have successfully potty trained two boys, having a little girl will bring a whole new set of challenges. My two year old daughter has started to show some signs of being ready to potty train. For example, she has been wanting to flush the toilet for us and wave bye bye to the pee pee. She has also been trying to wipe herself and take off her diaper, but she struggles with it. We decided to take her cues and headed to our local Walmart to buy some Pull-Ups for her. This way she can feel like a big girl in panties without the accidents.

I noticed that there was a roll back price of $0.50 less than the original price. Every little bit helps when there are so many exspenses for toddlers. They can also be purchased online with a roll back price as well at http://www.walmart.com

My daughter immediately noticed the Minnie mouse characters on the package and was excited to pull one down from the shelf. Minnie Mouse makes her happy and she is familiar with Disney characters. They are even on her regular huggies diapers.

To get started we placed her favorite bear on the big potty. It showed her that everyone can practice and that it is fun and easy to do. While we thought this was a good idea, it was short lived and my daughter pulled her bear off quickly! She wanted to use her new little potty so we let her pick her own character out this time.

She chose the dinosaur. He seemed to fit perfectly in the potty and seemed quite happy there too! We were finally able to convince my daughter to put on a Pull-Up and she was very comfortable.

But she was not comfortable enough to sit on the potty. It seemed we were struggling with a control issue so we needed to come up with some more creative ways to encourage her. It was time to break out the stickers!

With so many choices we thought for sure she would want to sit on the potty this time! We planned to reward her with a sticker each time she would try.

But no, instead she wore her stickers and asked for bear to sit on her little potty. He is a very loyal friend. She even made us put a Pull-Up on him.

Then she put one on his head. She thought this was funny and put a Pull-Up on her own head too! Now they can be twins! Then I thought of another idea that might help convince her.

We went to the Pull-Ups website and watched "The Potty Dance Video". She loves to dance and seemed to really pay attention to this. We also read a book about Potty Training and checked out the activities, tips charts and rewards on the Pull-Ups website too. That evening she began pulling her Pull-Up down and back up which was a small success. Later in the week she also started grabbing the pull ups from the bag and bringing them to the potty. 

We still have a long way to go before my daughter will be fully potty trained but in the meantime it is nice to have the Pull-Ups because whenever we go to  a public place they are extra insurance for us in case she has an accident. They have saved our couch and her car seat from being damaged from any accidents as well.

A few tips I have learned from my experiences are:
  • Make Potty Training a fun and enjoyable Process
  • Use lots of praise for every small achievement
  • Be patient and only start when your child is ready
  • Be prepared to stay in the house for several days.

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  1. I love that her bear is being a very loyal potty training buddy! Best of luck with the training!

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